The Anti Christ continued

The night I moved in my dad called me. That was not like him. I guess he was more concerned about my relationship than he let on. He was calling to make sure I was ok. My inner voice was telling me that if my dad was showing worry than I should run fast and not look back. But I ignored the voice and continued in my ignorance. So after I moved in, my boyfriend turned into a douchebag. He would argue about the stupidest things. Like his daughter was trying to do her math homework and needed help. He was helping her but yelling at her and being impatient if she did not understand something. I told him that he was not helping her by being impatient. He told me to mind my own business etc. We had got another kitten named Jazz. Her eye had an infection. I asked him if he would mind using some of the money he had put aside for his company. When i say his company I am referring to his karaoke business which consisted of himself and himself. He said he put money aside to buy new equipment. He got paid every night. So I asked him if we could take the money to take Jazz to the vet and replace it the next night. He said no. I said she was in dire need of meds for eye. He said no, the company money was not to be touched. I said that the next night it would be replaced. He blew up at me. Finally I grabbed Jazz and took her to the vet. I had ten dollars in my pocket. The vet felt so bad for me he saw me and gave me cream for eye at no charge. When I got home I was so mad. The Anti Christ said he was sorry. That night Jazz hid in his pillow and shit in it. He went to lie down and put his face right in the shit. Way to go Jazz. I still have her, she is 15 and still awesome.  Things seem to calm down for a while and we were getting along so much better. Than one night he went to work and came back an hour late. He told me to get in the van and come with him. He pulled over into this quarry where we went swimming a lot. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes because I am an idiot. I called my mom and told her I was getting married. She said “no you’re not” I said I was. She tried to pretend to be happy for me. But she hated the anti christ. The next few things are in no particular order. I noticed that he would come home from work without the money. He claimed he got pulled over by the cops. Instead of sending him to jail for driving with a suspended license they settled for taking his money. This happened a lot. I knew he was lying but I did not know where the money was going. Turns out later I found out it was for cocaine. One night he was mad at me because when I went with him to work,  which is at a bar, I would socialize with my friends. He wanted me to sit by his side the whole night and did not understand why I would want to socialize. He would argue with me and sleep deprive me. I was so exhauted but he would stomp around so I could not sleep. Than he would start arguing with me until I was so tired I felt like puking.So I told him I was going to my parents one night to get away. He promptly went outside and disconnected the van. So I sat in the van and honked the horn until he connected it again. One time we were arguing and he pushed me down the stairs leading outside. Well I grabbed my cats and went to my brothers. The next day when I went back he did not apologize or seem to even care. That is when I should of left. I was scared to leave and have to move back home so I stayed. Things calmed a bit but he would do weird things. Like accuse me of having someone over while he was at work. Or get mad at me if I went out with friends and other guys were there. My friend brought me to this pub where her boyfriend was playing in a band. Two guys who knew her came and sat at our table. When I got home and told him he freaked out. He said I should have gotup and moved tables. I told him that they were friends of Cindy’s. He asked if I told them I was engaged. I said yes I had my sandwich board and bell out announcing to the world. My grandmother was moving and I was helping her along with my cousins boyfriend who was a few years younger than me. We loaded some stuff in my dads pick up truck and stopped by my place to drop off something. The Anti christ asked if he could come along but there was no room in the truck. I told him I would be back within an hour. He accused me of wanting to spend time alone with this young guy. We had decided to move back to Ottawa and that was the beginning of the end. He had worked out a deal with one of the bar owners to pay him at the end of the month. That would be our rent money. Than one day he says I am getting the van fixed and using that money. I said we needed to pay rent. The lease was in my name and I would be fucked if we did not pay it. I felt like I was dating a child. He actually told me to go to the rental office and ask for an extension. I told him to go fuck himself. He would leave work and come home sit on the couch for a minute and than leave. He was obsessed that I may be cheating on him. My friend sent me a picture of a guy she was cheating in her husband with. Well, Anti christ went on my laptop and said I condoned this behaviour because I didnt tell her off. This laptop was mine. He got it for me for christmas and now he was snooping all over it. I was not doing anything wrong. We owed my aunt some money and I had it put aside. His kids had spent the night. He said he was taking the money to gas up the van and take the kids home. I told him to call their mother to pick them up because we owed that money. He flew out of bed and started ripping out drawers looking for it. I had it and I went and got in the van and went to my parents. I was sitting on their bed and for the second time in my life I had an epiphany. I did not love him anymore and I was going home to tell him to pack his shit and get out. My sister in law went with me. He refused to leave so I called the police. Now I am an episode of cops….awesome. They told him t go. He packed up most of his shit and left. When I went back in the house he had ripped up pictures, stolen my laptop and stole a coin collection my grandfather had given me. My grandfather was passed away.Since his license had been suspended the van was in my name. I had to get the plated from him. I finally did. It was after we broke up that I found out a lot about him. He had been married three times and had two other kids possibly three.He was an alcoholic and a cocaine addict. He told everyone that we broke up because I cheated on him. In the meantime my cat Jazz had a kitten. The kitten walked over to a picture of him and shat on it.he told people i used him for money…ha..what was always disappearing with excuses like the owner did not pay him or he had to pay off the cops….oh my favorite..I must have dropped it. When we would be in the van and I looked out the window he would say “why do you have to check every guy out” it did not matter if it was an old lady in the next car. Paranoia. He was a pathological liar and an ass hat. He is the only ex that I hate. If I saw him today I would tell him to go fuck himself. So I moved back home to start over.I was running from my problems and ran into a bigger one. I had to deal with my life now and it was about to get interesting.